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Editorial: Lili's Burlesque @ Bryant Lake Bowl

I photographed a burlesque show that Lili's put on at Bryant Lake Bowl. Here are some of the backstage photos. I love this world!


Portraits: Amy

Today I photographed my sensational friend, Amy for her website. She's a fellow photographer and we had SO much fun playing with outfits and poses and just being silly. She's incredibly easy to photograph-just look at her! Thanks for a great shoot, Amy. 

Baby Pictures: Eleni, 9 months

Just look at this adorable little girl! Eleni was such a little sweetheart to photograph. We had fun crawling around on the ground, laughing and just having a good time while we shot. Now I want to photograph 9 month olds all the time!


Portraits: Ophelia Flame

I photographed the lovely Ophelia Flame of Lili's Burlesque Revue in the studio. Just look at all the gorgeousness! Thanks for a great shoot, lovely.