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This little guy was so cute! I drove down to Rochester to photograph him. He was so curious about my camera and kept trying to poke around in my camera bag, which was so cute. We just played, which is the way I approach photographing kids. They need to feel comfortable and at ease in order to show their personality. And then...the suspenders came out. I couldn't stand how adorable he was in his little outfit! Seriously, I am such a sucker for these kinds of outfits on anyone and then you make it miniature and put it on a kid and it's an adorable explosion!


I'm so inspired by and drawn to people who are athletic and who challenge their bodies in ways that make them more balanced, more confident, more interesting and more engaged with life. Yoga does exactly that. I have been a newbie yogi for some years now, dropping into a class here and there when I can. Jen Wyman, owner of YogaFresh in Woodbury, contacted me about photographing her studio and staff in exchange for classes and I immediately said yes. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to accomplish one of my goals for 2010-deepening my yoga practice. I have seen it change people and have always wondered what I would feel like if I were consistently practicing. Like anything new, it can take a leap of faith to jump in and be completely open to learning. Thanks to Jen for a great photo shoot and the inspiration to bring yoga more deeply into my life!