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Minneapolis Engagement Session : Meredith & Nick

The day we did Meredith and Nick's engagement session was C.O.L.D. Nick lives in Atlanta and Meredith lives here, so adjusting to the brisk air was a little challenging for Nick. We had some coffee and chatted about life and their wedding and then ventured out to take some photos. Here are some of my favorites, all shot on Hasselblad. Enjoy! 


Summer on Holga

I just got a roll of Holga film back and really love these two images from last summer. The Holga is so quirky and imperfect, making it oh so charming. These images make me long for warm days filled with bicycle riding....

Grandma's Agfa Shur Shot

i heart minneapolis - holga style

I love me some holga! It's so playful, you really never quite know what you're going to get when you shoot a roll of film on it. I love to just pop this camera in my bag some days and make a few pictures whenever I feel inspired. This one of Libby I made when we rode our bikes to a bookstore in Minneapolis when it was still warm out! How I miss the warmth and cruising down the street on my bike! Soon enough, soon enough. 


Minneapolis Wedding Photographer : Andrea & Ryan's Wedding Album

I just finished designing Andrea and Ryan's gorgeous album and cannot wait to give it to them this week! I had to share a few photos of it. I think presentation is so important for images especially in the world of keeping everything on our computers. To have the experience of opening up a lovely album that is crafted with luxurious materials and reliving all the moments of a wedding is...incredible. It was such a treat to design this album for two of my favorite clients ever!


Instax Film is SO Fun!

I am LOVING my new Instax Mini camera! I took it to Mexico with me for Erin and Ryan's wedding and had so much fun taking instant pictures and giving them to the guests. This was one I had to photograph and share since Erin looked so cute! I will definitely be using this little fun toy a lot more this year!


kaja's camera bags

Sometimes you just connect with people and you can't explain it. Personality, common interests, whatever...but for some reason you just click. That's Kaja. She is an amazing art teacher who loves photography but because of the stresses of teaching and life circumstances, she hasn't been photographing as much as she wants to. After talks about old film cameras, favorite photographers and subject matter we like to shoot, we both decided we should go on a photo adventure together. I have a fridge full of expired film that is just begging to be shot. I went over to her house one night and after great conversation with our partners and a lot of wine, we pulled out her cameras and started talking "shop." It was fantastic. I LOVED her camera bags, they were so worn, so weathered with experience. You could just tell that those bags had been hauled around on so many shoots by someone else and then they were handed to Kaja to restart her photographic journey. It's just so amazing. This was before we went on our adventure, so for me, this image holds the excitement and the anticipation of getting out and shooting together. 

Just go and take some risks and try whatever it is that you want to do. Why not? It's never ever too late to start again. 

morning coffee

One of my absolute favorite things is having coffee in the morning with Libby. It's slow and it sets the tone for the day. We both have very busy careers but in the morning we can have an hour of time together before our separate lives begin. Even better to be in Mexico, in the warm morning sun on the patio in our room. Perfection. It really is all about the small, everyday moments. 

The strength of women

My mom made this amazing bodice for me when I was in college and I keep it in my living room now. It is a constant reminder of the strength that women have. It is a source of inspiration and courage when I need it, a reminder of the incredibly strong mother I have. 

Erin & Ryan : Married in Mexico!


Photo Adventure / Loppett

My friend Kaja and I had been talking about going on a photo adventure together for awhile. We finally found a day that worked and it happened to be the day of the Twin Cities Loppett which is an amazing cross country skiing event on the lakes in Minneapolis. Neither of us had ever been to it before so we grabbed our film cameras (I think we had 6 or 7 between the two of us!) and ventured out. I shot with my Hasselblad and Contax 645. My favorite was the kids race, those guys were cruising around and kept falling down but were having so much fun! This is exactly why I love Minnesota in the winter-people make it fun.