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Kate & Chris : Married!

"Love. Food. Wine. And All of the Fun That Comes Along With It."
What's not to love about that theme for a wedding?! The moment I met these two I knew we were a great fit. Kate is vivacious, warm and passionate and Chris is very kind, thoughtful and funny AND they both love food and wine! A couple after my own heart.  Kate has a contagious smile, one that is so open and full of life. Their wedding was gorgeous and had the BEST dessert table I have ever seen! Cocoa and Fig made all of the desserts and you could tell by the swarms of people around them that they were as delicious as they were beautiful. All of the details were thought about down to making a custom logo for themselves that appeared on their wedding website, itinerary and water bottles. These two know how to throw a party and really value the people in their lives and above all else seem to make each other better by being together. Congratulations you two!

(Senator Amy Klobuchar was a guest! Kate worked for her in DC where her and Chris met)