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Nick : Senior Portrait Photography : Oconomowoc, WI

I have known Nick since he was born! I held him and his two brothers when they were tiny. Nick is the youngest of the three and will be graduating this year from Oconomowoc High School, heading to either Lacrosse or Madison for college. It was so much fun to photograph him and brought back so many memories of babysitting him and his brothers when I was younger. It's so amazing to watch people grow up and see what choices they make with their lives.


Kelly & Blake: Married in Milwaukee, WI

Kelly and Blake were married in Milwaukee, WI at the South Shore Pavilion. They had a lovely, relaxed wedding that really focused on their friends and family. Blake works for Roots Restaurant and Cellar and had some great friends from there do all of the catering. The best part? They had a taco bar and corn on the cob! They really wanted to focus on local foods at their wedding, which I think is fantastic. Kelly and I went to high school together, so it was such a treat to photograph her wedding after so many years! Congratulations to both of you and best of luck to Kelly, who's starting an Arts Administration program in Madison!


I spent a week with my family in Wisconsin for "Freeman Family Camp." My family is so important to me, we are really close and love spending time with each other. I feel really lucky for that. I took some photos of my parent's garage, which my dad keeps really organized and takes pride in...