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Photography Quote for the Day

I am starting a new book today to feed my endless desire to think about art in different ways. It is called "Art and the Committed Eye: The Cultural Functions of Imagery" by Richard Leppert. A quote that starts it off:

"Something as meaningful to us as art cannot be left just to sit there bathed in pure significance, and so we describe, analyze, compare, judge, classify; we erect theories about creativity, form, perception, social function; we characterize art as a language, a structure, a system, an act, a symbol, a pattern of feeling; we reach for scientific metaphors, spiritual ones, technological ones, political ones; and if all else fails we string dark sayings together and hope someone else will elucidate them for us. The surface bootlessness of talking about art seems matched by a depth necessity to talk about it endlessly." -Clifford Geertz, Art as a Cultural System

Travel: Guatemala 2006

In October of 2006 I traveled to Guatemala with Doug Beasley and Liza Fourre of Art Workshops in Guatemala ( for a photography workshop. It was an incredible experience. These are some of the images from my experience.

"Lago Atitlan, Guatemala, 2006"

"Young girl in cemetary on Dia de Los Muertos, Guatemala, 2006"

"Young girl in cemetary on Dia de Los Muertos, Guatemala, 2006"

"Letters, Antigua, Guatemala, 2006"

"Celebration in the Streets, Guatemala, 2006"

"Birthday Celebration, Antigua, Guatemala, 2006"

"Maximon Ceremony, Guatemala, 2006"

"Maximon Ceremony, Guatemala, 2006"

"Earthquake, Antigua, Guatemala, 2006"

"Earthquake Ruins, Antigua, Guatemala, 2006"


Travel: New York (more!)

I saw this man playing the accordian as I crossed the street. Julia and I were strolling around Brooklyn and there were so many people around, all in seemingly good moods. 
I was out with friends in Brooklyn and looked to my right and there was this laundromat with the door open, glowing. 
I saw this man reading in Bryant Park in front of the carousal and thought it was such a lovely moment. 

This man was setting up his artwork as I walked past. He had hung his jacket on the post. 
I would very much like to have this scooter someday. 
All of the trees were blooming while I was there and I couldn't help but smile everytime I saw one. 

This tree seemed to be glowing as I walked down the street towards it. It was perfect. 

Commercial: Oconomowoc Art Center

I photographed the new Arts Center in Oconomowoc, WI last week. The space is absolutely incredible and is connected to the high school I went to. The goal was to tell the visual story of all the aspects of the center. Thanks to Michael Duncan, Artistic Director, for the opportunity. 


Portraits: Maureen in New York

Last week I was in New York and did some portraits of my friend Maureen. She was SO much fun to work with and had the best outfits! We wandered around the West Village, finding endless places to shoot. This was such a fantastic day.