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Cass & Matt: 6.27.09

My great friends Cassia and Matt got married last weekend in Racine, WI. Their wedding was so much fun and full of love. They went with 80's colors which was incredible! I love these two so much and feel so honored to have them in my life. Just a little preview of their wedding, more images to come!

The girls' incredible handmade flowers came from an artist on Etsy!


Adventures in Solitude: Neighborhood Wanderings

I put on the song, "Adventures in Solitude" by The New Pornographers and started wandering my neighborhood with my camera tonight. This is what I discovered...


Inspiration for the day

Whenever I am shooting a wedding, I take time to look at other photographer's work that inspires me for fresh ideas. Today, that photographer is Paige Eden, based in Colorado. She photographed my friend, Kitty's wedding and I was BLOWN AWAY by her work. Now I feel even more ready to be part of today's wedding, make some fun and new pictures and enjoy every second of it. 


Commercial: One to World Dinner in New York!

I surprised my sister last week, who organized this huge dinner for her organization, One to World. I flew out to New York and watched her in action...and took a few photos of course! AND I met John Kerry!


Food for Thought on a Tuesday

It's Tuesday and like any good creative, my mind is spinning with ideas. As a business owner, I'm constantly trying to think of new ways to do things, new approaches to my work, fun ways to reach out to clients, creative ways to stay in inspired. I am constantly looking at other photographer's work to see how they do things, and what inspiration I can take away and inject into my life and my business. I hope that I also serve as inspiration for someone out there. 

Some things that have inspired me lately:

And their fun approach to photography and life. I check their blog almost daily!

-So You Think You Can Dance: watching people do what they love AND having that thing be dance is one of my favorite things ever. I get teary! 

-My brother, Pip. He lives his life passionately and goes after what he wants. He is an incredible cook in New York and every conversation with him leaves me wanting to be that much more passionate, that much more ready to take on anything I want to try. Plus, he's funny as hell. 

-My friend, Amra. She is a creative spirit, through and through. We have made hats together and hosted an apartment beach day when it was cold outside to bring some warmth into our lives. She is full of life, is a deeply good friend, loves wine and dance shows as much as I do, is critical of this world and likes to discuss it all...and has the best front porch in the neighborhood. 

So here's to living life as it comes and making the most of it, trusting yourself and going after the things that fulfill you. And laughing A LOT. Happy Tuesday!


Portraits: Caitlin Vintage Shoot Part 2

Here is the second part of the vintage shoots I did with my good friend Caitlin! Enjoy!

(changing on the street-love it!)                                                (Jake on his Zach Morris phone)