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Photography Quote for the Day

I am starting a new book today to feed my endless desire to think about art in different ways. It is called "Art and the Committed Eye: The Cultural Functions of Imagery" by Richard Leppert. A quote that starts it off:

"Something as meaningful to us as art cannot be left just to sit there bathed in pure significance, and so we describe, analyze, compare, judge, classify; we erect theories about creativity, form, perception, social function; we characterize art as a language, a structure, a system, an act, a symbol, a pattern of feeling; we reach for scientific metaphors, spiritual ones, technological ones, political ones; and if all else fails we string dark sayings together and hope someone else will elucidate them for us. The surface bootlessness of talking about art seems matched by a depth necessity to talk about it endlessly." -Clifford Geertz, Art as a Cultural System