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kaja's camera bags

Sometimes you just connect with people and you can't explain it. Personality, common interests, whatever...but for some reason you just click. That's Kaja. She is an amazing art teacher who loves photography but because of the stresses of teaching and life circumstances, she hasn't been photographing as much as she wants to. After talks about old film cameras, favorite photographers and subject matter we like to shoot, we both decided we should go on a photo adventure together. I have a fridge full of expired film that is just begging to be shot. I went over to her house one night and after great conversation with our partners and a lot of wine, we pulled out her cameras and started talking "shop." It was fantastic. I LOVED her camera bags, they were so worn, so weathered with experience. You could just tell that those bags had been hauled around on so many shoots by someone else and then they were handed to Kaja to restart her photographic journey. It's just so amazing. This was before we went on our adventure, so for me, this image holds the excitement and the anticipation of getting out and shooting together. 

Just go and take some risks and try whatever it is that you want to do. Why not? It's never ever too late to start again.