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MN Women's Press: Changemakers

I photographed these incredible women for The MN Women's Press "Changemakers" issue that comes out on December 23rd.  They were all so gracious and inspiring. I'm constantly amazed at the positive things people in my community are doing and how many people need assistance in some way. I'm honored to have met each of them.

Ann Lewis, Peace Activist
The peace flag behind her was her partner's, who died of cancer a few years ago. It was passed onto her. She told me that when you're a troublemaker, you can't stay quiet when something is happening that you don't believe is right. She has been an activist for over 40 years. I love troublemakers! 

Kathryn Kysar, Editor of "Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers". I photographed her at Micawbers Bookstore in St. Paul. I ended up buying a copy of her book as a gift for my sister! 

Cindy Reuther, Executive Director or Laura Jeffrey Academy in St. Paul, MN, a girl-focused, year round charter school. I could feel the excitement in the students when I was there and the very strong sense of community and dedication to the students. Cindy is one of the most energetic, passionate people I have ever met. And I only spent 15 minutes with her!

Maria Cisneros, Women's Group Facilitator, and Alicia Ranney, Civic Engagement Coordinator, The Waite House, Minneapolis, MN. These women are running a new leadership and professional development program for women in our community. They braved the cold with me to take photos by the incredible murals outside! 

Suzanne Koepplinger, Executive Director of The Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center in Minneapolis, MN. They offer child care, living facilities, mental health care, parenting skills and much more for American Indian women and their families.