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Maureen & Ryan : Love Shoot!

Maureen and Ryan are such a charismatic, energetic couple. They are from the Midwest but now live in New York together and have been a couple for over 4 years. Ryan just graduated from Parsons in Fashion Design and Maureen works for an advertising agency. They have such great style and are embracing the craziness that is New York City. I proposed the idea of doing a LOVE SHOOT with them-a chance to get some fun and romantic photos of the two of them to celebrate their relationship. So we wandered around the city and found some incredible places to take photos! We took a mojito break which gave us some time to just sit and chat about life. These two are wonderful together and I am so excited they were the first couple to do a love shoot! If you and your person are interested (this is for anyone in a relationship! ) please contact me!