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Moira & Bill : Married

Moira and Bill are dear friends so when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was so honored. They had a very intimate, personal, romantic wedding. They didn't have a wedding party, so we did portraits of the two of them at their home which was so personal and special. Their ceremony and reception were at The Craftsman Restaurant in Minneapolis. They walked in together for their ceremony and had both of their parents stand up with them. The food and drinks were incredible and the amount of love in the air was palpable. Moira is the BEST hugger I have met. Every single time she hugs someone it's so genuine and warm, which sums her up. Bill is so kind and sincere and loves Moira deeply, which anyone can tell who spends 5 minutes with them. I think more people should make their weddings as unique to them as possible! Congratulations you two. 

(working hard at the reception!)