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Frances : Senior Portrait Session

I love all the possibility that being a high school senior represents. You are on the edge of starting your life as an adult, going to college, going on an adventure...whatever it is, you get to start making some big choices for your own life. I can sense that every time I do a senior session and I really love talking with each person to find out what their dreams are at that moment. When I do senior sessions, it's not about making someone look like a model, posing them in uber-fashion poses that are lacking authenticity and emotion. For me, I look for each person's natural tendancies-how do they stand when I am talking to them? What did they choose to wear and how does it reflect something about who they are? It's all about being real and genuine and tapping into each personality and essence. That's why I absolutely love portraiture. Good luck Frances in all that you do in this world!