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Janine & Dave : Married!

Janine and Dave are a wonderful and very genuine couple. When I talked with Janine on the phone the first time, she said they wanted to have a cocktail party, invite all their friends, and get married in the middle of it. I loved her laid back attitude from the beginning. Dave is from Australia and they met through working together for the government. I flew out to Washington DC to photograph their elegant yet casual wedding. During the ceremony, the officiant talked about Janine and Dave's "tribe" who joined them that day. I love that and say it often myself. He also said that they had a strong commitment already and didn't HAVE to have a large wedding, but chose to so they could share their love with everyone in their lives. I was honored to be part of this wedding that was so full of love, humor, grace and great food! Congrats to you both!