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Liz & Nick : Married!

"Food is love" was the theme of this wedding. Liz and Nick had the most unique wedding I have ever experienced. They are really goofy together and very much in love, so I knew from the moment I met them that this was going to be a fun and personal wedding. 

These are just a few of the highlights:
-7 course meal at The Craftsman Restaurant in Minneapolis
-Ceremony took place between courses with a big "reveal" when Liz changed dresses and shoes and Nick put on his awesome red shoes to match hers!
-Photos were done on Nicollet Island at their house, which I LOVED because it was so personal
-There was a scavenger hunt between two courses where guests had to find the answers to clues by talking to all the guests (there were about 40 total). It was so clever!
-There was a candy bar with 13 kinds of candy in honor of Liz's father who passed away. He would "always have candy in his pocket". 
-Bubble guns were shot after the ceremony
-Their vows were all in the style of Dr. Seuss
-Liz walked down the aisle to "Punk Rock Girl"

And the list goes on! I had a blast being part of this wedding and am so happy for Liz and Nick.