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Andrea & Ryan : Semple Mansion Wedding

Andrea's mom summed it up in our first meeting together when she said, "It doesn't get much better than these two. They both have hearts of gold..." These two are quite simply, amazing people. Andrea is so warm, genuine, funny, smart and gorgeous. Ryan is calm-natured, sincere and very thoughtful. Together they make such a lovely couple and seem to compliment each other so well. I absolutely LOVE the story of how they met. A little boy named Alex, who was a patient at the hospital they both work at, introduced them. It was time for him to go home and when Ryan told him, he said he didn't want to go home because he wanted to play with Andrea. When he asked who Andrea was, Alex told him to look at the board where a photo of her was and when he ran into her in the hallway, Ryan told Andrea that Alex wanted them to meet. He was at the wedding with his mom, which was so special. Ryan gave an incredibly touching and funny speech about how they met and by the end of it, everyone in the room was cheering Alex's name! There was so much love in the air at this wedding. Both families are so wonderful and obviously love each other very much. Combine that with their community of friends and the air was thick with stories, laughter, hugs, tears and joy for Andrea and Ryan. I can't say enough about these two and wish them nothing but the best in life individually and together. 

p.s. we went to Nye's to do photos because that's where they had their first date!