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Jen George : Holistic Health Counselor & Shiatsu Therapist

Jen is one of those people who you meet and just want to be friends with. She is a Holistic Health Counselor and Shiatsu Therapist in Dubuque, Iowa. She needed images for her new website, so we started brainstorming ideas together a few months back. She really wanted the images to reflect community, health and spirituality and give potential clients insight into who she is and what she does. We decided to go to the Lyndale Farmers Market, one of my absolute favorite places in Minneapolis. Our motto for the day became "what would martha stewart do" because the shoot felt SO Martha and I dream of shooting a feature for her magazine someday. The farmers market is a perfect location for lifestyle portraits because you can't help but experience everything around you and just dive right in, which makes for wonderfully natural photos. For the second part of the shoot, we went to my studio to photograph her doing shiatsu. The entire day felt like a beautiful collaboration between all of us involved-what more could you ask for?!