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Calhoun Beach Club wedding : mindy & jeff

Mindy and Jeff had such a lovely wedding at The Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis. They are one of those couples that is so into each other and so excited to be married. Mindy made a lot of the details herself, which I love! She is a diy / crafter at heart, just like me. Mindy is a vegan too, so all of their food at the wedding was completely vegan. I was a vegan for 10 years, so when I heard about this little fun fact, I got really excited! D'Amico did all of the fabulous catering. They had their first date at Ecopolitan, an all raw/vegan restaurant in Minneapolis, so we decided to go there for some photos of the two of them. Otis, their adorable pup, came and met us too. Just look how dapper he is! 

Jeff has fantastic style - check out the purple ties, awesome socks and gray suits and shoes! Paired with Mindy's classic, vintage-inspired look, these two looked incredible!